The Paintings

'He is a very remarkable painter. His work is simply stunning with an observed intensity which makes him very special indeed.
Chris Beetles, Daily Telegraph

'Collyer is a 21st-century man with 19th-century sensibilities, the combination of which yields pictures of unusual beauty and perspective.'
American Artist - Watercolor  

'The master of the landscape miniature'
Catherine Milner, Watercolours, Drawings and Prints

'Artist in residence of Britain's maritime margins... the intensity of detail is quite breathtaking.'
Peter Willis, Classic Boat

Rain Later, Good

'The most delightful and unexpected book I've encountered this year... this is a wonderful book
John Naughton, The Times

'A much desired object as well as a piece of priceless information... it's difficult to imagine anyone but a soulless person not enjoying this masterpiece'
Yachts and Yachting

'A rich source of inspiration'
Alan Titchmarsh in
The Last Lighthouse Keeper

South by Southwest

'The author brings together a multitude of skills to produce another first class book... a thing of beauty'
Classic Boat

A new book by Peter Collyer has a real impact on art in the Channel Islands... contains a delightful series of paintings and sketches by Mr Collyer, the award winning painter and writer who has long had a love affair with the islands.
Jersey Evening Post 

'...this very informative and entertaining book'
Guernsey Press

Encompassing Britain

'...will please all lovers of the British coasts whether they be seafarer, holidaymaker or naturalist. Peter Collyer's watercolours demonstrate his light touch with the medium and his accompanying text is both informative and entertaining. A satisfying book with which to pass a winter's evening, dreaming of places to visit...'
The Nautical Magazine

'...his persistence to achieve his goal is remarkable and his paintings are certainly evocative of some well-known and some seriously remote and little-known places. It's a fascinating book...'
Sailing Today


'...surpasses everything he has written previously. It is thoroughly readable as an introduction to our varied offshore islands...this is Peter Collyer's most enjoyable book yet.'

'The author's writing style is informal, informative and colourful. The book seems to wander through a variety of genres, including travel guide, personal diary, coffee-table flicker and art book. Within that are verbal acrobatics, witty repartee and historical gems. Phew!'
Shetland Times

'Although our island prides itself on not being part of Britain, I was rather miffed to notice that we are not included in the book 'Offshore: An Artists View of Britain's Islands' by Peter Collyer...
 I was even more cross when I spotted a reference to Jersey...comparing us unfavourably to the Isle of Man...
Fortunately we have some splendid local artists who look beyond Jersey's tax haven status and tacky town and see the island's astounding beauty; and whose paintings, I think, are a darn sight better than Mr Collyer's.'
Jersey Evening Post - the paper that enthusiastically
devoted a whole page to the launch of South by Southwest - see above