A new edition of Rain Later, Good was published in September 2013, 15 years on from the first edition and has already sold 9,000 copies.
It has been completely redesigned with a new layout and cover and features some new images and an updated text, including two new introductory chapters. This new edition is in paperback, but is still in the same format as the hardback and will feature the sea area chapters from the earlier editions.

Peter has a new book almost ready for publication. It is an original idea, which will get folk talking, thinking and travelling. He is however looking for a publisher for it, click here and let him know if you are that publisher. 


The paintings above are available from Alexander Gallery in Bath, click on the images for more information about each painting and a link to the gallery's website.

The five paintings below are available from Peter's studio, click the images for more information about each painting




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